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Preguntas Frecuentes

  • How Do I Get Tickets?
    You can buy tickets online anytime by clicking the "Book Now" button anywhere on our website.
  • What's Included in my Ticket?
    Your ticket to Petal Pix Studios includes: 60-minute access to explore and use all floral-themed photo backdrops. Freedom to take your own photos or bring a photographer (photographer requires a separate ticket). Use of on-site dressing rooms for outfit changes. Option to rent ring lights and/or light boxes for enhanced photography.
  • Do You Take Walk-Ins?
    We currently DO NOT accept walk-ins, as our studio operates on a pre-booked, 1-hour session basis. This approach helps us maintain a friendly and timely environment for all our guests, ensuring each visitor gets the full experience they've scheduled. For booking a session, please click on the "Book Now" button. We look forward to welcoming you to Petal Pix Studios! 🌸📸
  • Where Are You Located?
    1457 West Southern Avenue Unit A-6, Mesa, Arizona 85202 Conveniently located in a neighboring plaza to the local Target and neighboring Wingstop and other locations!
  • What Are Your Business Hours?
    Private Studio Rentals - Monday - Wednesday (11am - 8pm) General Admission Tickets - Thursday - Sunday (11am - 7pm) Please remember to check our website periodically for schedule changes, holidays and special events!
  • What Forms of Payment do You Accept?
    We Accept all Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, through our online transactions and in person!
  • When Should I Arrive? Is There a Time Limit?
    For an enjoyable experience, we suggest arriving 5-10 minutes prior to the time stated on your ticket. This ensures a smooth check-in and the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Petal Pix environment. Each ticket entitles you to a 60-minute session, so timeliness is key for taking advantage of your entire booked slot. If you're more than 15 minutes late but still within your hour time slot, you may reschedule for another time to enjoy a complete experience. If you are more than 1 hour late, your ticket is no longer able to be re-scheduled or refunded. Please note that ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. We cannot guarantee cancellations or rescheduling but will do our best to accommodate where possible. Please contact us if you have any cancellation or re-scheduling requests at:
  • Is There Parking Available?
    Yes, there is plenty of open parking on the front end of our building.
  • Are You Family Friendly?
    Yes we are! We welcome big and small families to come join us and experience our beautiful displays to create wonderful memories together!
  • What If I Want To Bring My Children/Baby/Friend/Spouse And I'm Not Going To Take Any Pictures, Do I Still Have To Buy A Ticket?
    Yes, everyone has to pay for an admission ticket to enter petal pix studios regardless if they don't want to or don't plan to take any pictures themselves. Infants are exempt from this rule (0-2 years old), they do not need to pay for an admission ticket to enter our location.
  • Do Your Installations and Displays Change?
    We strive to keep our installations at Petal Pix Studios fresh and current. While we can't promise specific timelines, we update each display as and when possible, considering the intricate nature of flower design and booth creation. Our aim is always to provide an ever-evolving, captivating experience with each visit.
  • Do I Have To Stay With My Child?
    Children 13 years and older are free to utilize the studio without their parents. Children under 13 years old require a parent to attend and supervise them during their complete visit duration. For Every 3 Children (2-15) years of age there is a minimum of 1 adult required to attend with them and supervise.
  • What If I Only Use 30 Minutes, Can I Come Back And Use The Other 30 Minutes Another Time?
    No, all tickets are for a single time use only. If purchase a ticket and do not utilize all of your ticket's alloted time, you will not be able to come back inside with the same ticket, you will need to purchase another ticket.
  • What Should I Bring With Me?
    We encourage you to bring your own cameras or photography equipment to capture your special moments. You're even welcome to bring a professional photographer with you (please note, photographers are also required to purchase a ticket for entry). Beyond that, all you need to bring is your creativity, a positive vibe, and a readiness to take plenty of beautiful pictures! We're excited to see the memorable moments you'll capture
  • What Is Your Cancellation Policy?
    ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL! We cannot guarantee a refund or reschedule, but we encourage you to reach out to our customer service team at to discuss possible accommodations. We aim to be as flexible as possible while maintaining fairness to all our clients.
  • Can I Bring My Dog?
    At this time, we unfortunately cannot accommodate pets inside our location due to the sensitive nature of our displays and the layout of our space. We're always exploring new ideas for our spaces, and a pet-friendly outdoor setting might be something we consider in the future. Please check back with us on our website for updates. We appreciate your understanding :)
  • Do You Offer Dressing Rooms or Somewhere I Can Change My Outfits?
    Absolutely! At Petal Pix Studios, we provide two spacious dressing rooms, comfortably accommodating 2-4 people each, complete with full-body mirrors and ample lighting to ensure you look your best for the camera. In the event that both dressing rooms are occupied, we also offer a full bathroom equipped with a baby changing station, which can be utilized for outfit changes if necessary. Our facilities are designed to make your experience seamless and enjoyable.
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